Introducing 33, a band with a modern and refreshing sound that packs a punch! These talented four guys from Bern - Levin Zahnd, Silas Boonstoppel, Roman Mischler and Janis Zahnd - blend mainstream pop with college rock, creating a unique "Feel-Good Sound" that simply captivates. Whether it's on records, on the radio, or live on stage, 33 impresses on every level.


The band's music revolves around themes of coming of age and self-discovery, disappointments and joys, and relationships that form or come to an end. Their lyrics are as authentic as their music, making them even more relatable to their growing fan base.


Since their formation in October 2016, 33 has embarked on an remarkable journey. With their unmistakable sound, these four childhood friends even earned themselves a spot at the Gurtenfestival in 2019, causing quite a stir in various media outlets like TeleBärn, nau.ch, and musikch.com.


Their single "Something Different," released at the end of 2019, introduced a new sonic landscape - more modern, cheeky, and pop-infused. This concept not only won over critics but also landed them their first significant radio airplay.


The EP "Fake Love," released on February 5, 2021, also made waves in the radio world. The songs can still be heard on various radio stations such as SRF3, Rete Tre, Radio Swiss Pop, Radio Munot, Radio Freiburg and Radio Bern1.


Since Summer 2022, 33 was working on an exciting concept album titled "33", consisting of 4 EPs, each with 3 songs written by one of the band members. With this project, the band aims to storm the charts, conquer the stages of Switzerland, and capture the hearts of numerous fans.


33 continues to be an emerging force in the music scene, promising to keep us enthralled with their captivating sound. Stay tuned and let 33 take you on a musical journey!